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Your Ideas, My Style, and Our Art

Interested in custom work and having your ideas come to life? Well, let's talk about what that would look like. 

For either tattoo designs or paintings the first step is the same – CONTACT ME! 

You can reach me either by emailing with the subject line "Commission of x" or by DMing me on Instagram @ickyvicky_arts. 


Things to include when reaching out

What is your vision for this piece? Is there any significant meaning behind it or certain elements of the design? What color palette are you envisioning? Feel free to include any reference photos you have, ideas you want to explore, photos of any current/nearby tattoos, or photos of your space where you would like your work to be displayed! 

For Tattoo Designs:

– your desired body placement and a photo of that area

– photos of any nearby tattoos 

– desired size (L x W)

For Painting/Drawings:

– desired size (L x W)

– budget

Working Together


Once you reach out, we'll begin discussing what type of art your heart desires. These discussions can either be very detailed, where you have a specific vision for your piece, or you can have a general idea/theme and I'll create the idea for us. Prior to starting the piece, I'll send a sketch of what I create and we can make adjustments at this stage. 

It's your piece – I want you to have the best quality art that captures your vision so do not hesitate to ask about any changes you want!

Payments can be taken in the form of Paypal or Zelle. Alternatively, a custom listing will be created and purchased through the website. Deposits for commissions are required prior to starting the painting/design. Shipping costs will be calculated prior to shipping and will need to be paid before the shipment is sent. All works are carefully packaged with the utmost care. If there are any questions, concerns, or issues with payments contact me ASAP and we'll figure it out! 

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